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Anime Tubes


I belong to or have belonged to several graphics/tubes groups where we share images and tubes.  I have collected over 900MB of anime tubes alone and would like to share some of my favorites with you! Most of these are tubed by talented others and I do know of a couple of tubers who do NOT allow us to add their tubes to our sites.  I have not included their tubes.  Personally, I believe the true artist only has the right to restrict anything about their images, but I will respect the tubers requests.

I have tried to keep the original name of the tube but had to change some of the beginning characters.  For example: @ and !.  These will not upload so I have had to make very minor changes.  Most tubers request that you NOT change their file names and I respect this request.

If you know who the "true" artist is of these images, I would dearly appreciate it if you could let me know where I may contact them! They are incredibly talented and I believe they should be recognized for their art!

All the previews are reduced. Just click on the image and download the zip to your computer.  You will need a program like Winzip to unzip the tubes and Paint Shop Pro to use the tubes. Click the appropriate link to download the program if you need them!

Tubed by White Witch


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