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Paint Shop Pro tubes are images used with ©Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Click here for a trial version You will be amazed at what you can create.

Please note all my tubes are compatible for PSP 6 and up. All previews are 50% of original size. Download to a tubes folder OUTSIDE your PSP program.  If you store too many tubes in your PSP main tubes folder, your program will overload and you will have problems.  Just use a tube and then uninstall it from your tubes folder.  I have my tubes organized in a folder on my desktop and saved on CD. It saves your nerves, believe me!

All my tubes are in zip format.  You can download an unzipping program at www.winzip.com

Some of these tubes are categorized near the bottom.

 I promise to add to this site as quickly as possible.  It's no fun trying to upload images that are over 300kb when you have dial up!  Boy I miss my cable internet!  Sigh....Enjoy!




All of the levels are transparent

All of the levels are transparent



Candybar Doll Tubes

  Canadian PSP Tubes

Anime Tubes

  Flower Tubes

Any similarities to other tubes offered on the net are purely coincidental.  I personally tubed the images on this page myself.

If you have any problems downloading these tubes or if you find a broken link, I would dearly appreciate it if you could take a minute to email me so I can fix it!  Thanks so much!

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